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Elevate Your Senses: New Art Series Launch
I am thrilled to have hosted an extraordinary one-night event with 'I Like This Grape's' Vino Pop that seamlessly merged the worlds of WINE, ART, and MUSIC. Collaborating with renowned wine maker Kristie Tacey, we expertly paired her exceptional wines, soulful melodies, and my vibrant artwork, which showcases a unique blend of geometric, abstract, and colorful elements. Explore 'Harmony in Senses' - a fusion of wine, art, and music that promises an unforgettable sensory experience.

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New Art Series Launch: Discover Fresh Inspirations
I am thrilled to announce the launch party for my new series of works, which draw from my influential life experiences and rich Iranian heritage. Titled 'Unbreakable Queens' and 'Unstoppable,' the series is inspired by the Iranian female-led revolution and explores empowering themes of resilience, strength, and empowerment from my unique perspective as an artist and a woman. Through this compelling series, I aim to tell a captivating story of breaking through struggles, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating the enduring spirit of Iranian women.


A Sensory Journey of Music, Wine, Food, and Captivating Artistry
I orchestrated an immersive event that seamlessly blended music, Spanish wine, delectable food, and captivating art. As the artist and visionary behind this unique gathering, I meticulously crafted five distinct artworks, drawing inspiration from five different music videos. These intricate paintings not only adorned the venue but also inspired the meticulously curated food menu and wine pairings, culminating in a truly holistic sensory experience for all attendees.

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Supporting Causes: Kathy Lajvardi's Charitable Print Donations

Sip 'n' Shuck

Casa OC

The Deck and Driftwood in Laguna Beach present the 9th Annual Champagne & Oyster "Sip & Shuck” Fundraising Event


- View art by Kathy Lajvardi

October 9, 2022



Festival of the Arts in Laguna beach, The ELF Comedy Night Gala is an annual fundraiser.

- View art by Kathy Lajvardi

October 19, 2022



Support St. Junipero Serra Catholic School’s first PTO-sponsored fundraising event of the 2022-23 school year!

- View art by Kathy Lajvardi

October 20, 2022

Tennis Club

Newport Beach

Join the Enerji Barre instructors at The Tennis Club of Newport Beach for a Halloween inspired outdoor party.

- View art by Kathy Lajvardi

October 21, 2022

Max Love

8th Annual Farm to Fork Dinner. Farm to Fork is the premiere farm-to-table dinner experience in Orange County.

- View art by Kathy Lajvardi

September 17, 2022

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