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Harmony in Senses

Harmony in Senses

This series of paintings features a bold and rich approach, incorporating abstract and geometric elements with a variety of colors and textures, each painting is inspired by a specific bottle of wine from and song. 



In this painting, I aimed to capture the vibrant citrus essence of the 6 grape blends and the electrifying energy of the music that takes you through highs and lows, evokes a groovy feel, and makes you want to sway while getting lost in the moment. 


FEMME FATALE ROSE (The Velvet Underground)

For this piece, I sought to capture the essence of minerality in the wine, which reminded me of a field of stones near a river. The music and overall vibe evoked a rainy day by the water, and I aimed to convey that feeling through the painting. 


SOUL LOVE (David Bowie)

In this painting, my aim was to capture the essence of the red blend through the use of textured strokes on the wood canvas, while also depicting the bottle design's vibe and the energy of the music, which evokes a feeling of early morning rolling down the street, lost in thoughts of a new crush, and feeling one with the street and the air. 


NO REGRET (Edith Piaf)

In creating this piece, my goal was to capture the essence of simplicity, yet the colors of pomegranate, strawberry, and cranberry couldn't help but make an appearance, and I allowed them to. The music that inspired this painting has an elegant and classic feel, and I believe that feeling was captured in the use of classic black and white tones throughout the piece. It's almost as if the simplicity is disrupted by a burst of color, but without any regret for it. 

  • Details

    - Dimension: 40x30

    - Acrylic on Wood 2023

    - $2,000 USD each

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