"RUNAWAY" Oil on Canvas

"RUNAWAY" Oil on Canvas

Inspired by Kanye West's song & music video “Runaway”. 


While painting this piece the song “Runaway” was on loop so that the feeling of the song could then translate to the art. It's a story of juxtaposition, elegant, soft ballerinas with precise movements against a concrete textured background. Black and white. Strong and soft. And an ode to Kanye with the girls giving a "peace' sign in mid-dance. 


Sold opening night at:
SOMMX - Kanye West's Music Interpreted through Spanish Wine, Food, Art.

Watch video of event here: https://bit.ly/SOMMXKW


A collection of 10 NFT's have been re-imagined and created in 2021 and on sale now: 

  • Details

    - Dimension: 48 x 36

    - Oil on Canvas - 2018

    - Fine Art Appraisal Certification

    - Appraised Value $4,000 USD