"Lost in the World" Oil on Canvas

"Lost in the World" Oil on Canvas

“Lost in the World is our minds traveling and experiencing time as we witness the physical world around us."


While painting this piece the song “Lost in the World” was on loop because I wanted to capture the feeling from the song which is being lost in materialism and greed around us without taking time to appreciate time and it's brevity. This painting is a bold way of showing the dark side of our material world. Hopefully the piece will be a reminder to appreciate your time. 


Inspired by Kanye West's song & music video “Lost in the World”. The technical goals of the "KW" series were to experiment with texture, depth, and movement.

  • Details

    - Dimension: 48 x 36

    - Oil on Canvas - 2018

    - Fine Art Appraisal Certification

    - Appraised Value $3,800 USD