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Bound 2 Oil on Canvas

Bound 2 Oil on Canvas

This piece was inspired by the music video "Bound 2" by Kanye West, which served as a visual muse for me. Through my painting, I sought to capture the video's imagery and themes in a unique and expressive way. "Bound 2" is a music video that reflects Kanye West's perception of true beauty at a specific moment in time, and serves as a visual expression of his artistic vision.


Limited framed prints on canvas, embellished, numbered and signed available.


Launched opening night at:
SOMMX - Music Interpreted through Spanish Wine, Food, Art.

Watch video of event here:


A collection of NFT's have been re-imagined and created in 2021 and on sale now:

  • Details

    - Dimension: 48 x 36

    - Oil on Canvas - 2018

    - Fine Art Appraisal Certification

    - Appraised Value $4,200 USD


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